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Greetings and welcome to your discovery with us we're glad you are here:

This is a global generic concept you see first then you go to your region specific link to learn exactly how your region works.

If you are here you have had a scheduled session. If you’re here without a scheduled session please connect back to who invited you or email Marci Nish on  or ++61-414-383-103 

Then ask for passwords and state how you reached out site

This is the order of review

1.  Watch “Sit See Look With Me Snap Shot”  30 Minute Generic  Password Changes Weekly Sunday  Night Australia Time

2. Watch “EPA-Plant Disinfectant” Video (Password) Ask for it.

3. Watch “Toxic Video”

4. Click Your Region’s Link (Password ) Ask for it. 

5. Connect Through To Specialty Links As Required (Password)

6. Connect Back For Your Scheduled Follow Up Session.

The key is to connect back to who invited you here at your scheduled time, this is a real connection we value your time and ours.

Grab a pen/paper and write down all points that occur as most interesting for you, that will help us start the discussion to help you best.

Thank you or choosing to discover us, we are confident your time is will invested here.

We also thrive on referrals so when you are reviewing please thinking of someone we can help with our world class products and/or secure secondary income for their family or business.

Yours In Service,

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GCSC Review Introduction

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1. Sit See Look With Me Snap Shot Pack

1A. * Plant Based Disinfectant and Hand Sanitiser Ask For Password

1B * Global Australia New Zealand Support Documents

1B * Global Canadian Collective Shopping Club Support Documents

1B * Global European UK Collective Shopping Club Support Documents

1B. *Global Mexico Collective Shopping Club and Support Documents

1B. *Global USA Collective Shopping Club Support Documents

2. ** Secure Business Cashflow Review

2A. ** Beauty Industry Intro Global Collective Shopping Club

2B. ** Boutique Accomodation Discover Pack

2E. **!! Healthcare Fitness Review Documents

3. *** Discover Global Collective Shopping Club

4. **** Legacy Leadership Tried Tested Proven

5. ***** Member Global Collective Shopping Club

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